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The Development Pathway

GB Freestyle are delighted to present the Development Pathway. The Pathway aims to grow a culture of living excellence, providing an environment to develop and perform at your best. It is our vision to increase participation at a grass roots level and achieve greater success at a higher level; supported by improved freestyle coaching capability at all levels. It’s a truly exciting time to get involved in freestyle, with lots of opportunities such as the ‘Inspirers’ and much, much more…

None of this would be possible without the skills and enthusiasm of the freestyle community; respecting those who laid the foundations, whilst reaching out to those who are willing to join our invaluable team of volunteers and play an integral part in building an ever brighter future for the sport throughout the UK.

Our community is integral to our sport’s success and the creation of a sustainable, successful future for our amazing sport. We will keep you posted on developments here and on our website, in the meantime Click the link for more info, and please share with all your friends…

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